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Phantom of the Opera
Phantom of the Opera News

A Short Summary of the Phantom of the Opera

If you are into gothic stories that feature a perfect blend of mystery and romance, then the “Phantom of the Opera??? is definitely in your favorites list. This classic novel was written by Gaston Leroux and was published in Le Gaulois between 1909 and 1910. It was then adapted into a number of musical stage shows and movies. Until today, the stage adaptation of “Phantom of the Opera??? is among the most notable musical shows that continue to fascinate audiences of various age brackets. Each production is filled with well-choreographed musical numbers and other surprising features that make use of state-of-the-art technology.

phantom of the operaHere is a brief summary of the “Phantom of the Opera??? plot:

  • Christine was once a girl told about the story of the “Angel of Music???. She eventually became part of the chorus at the Paris Opera House where the so-called Angel of Music or the Opera Ghost actually stays.
  • As the Opera Ghost listen to each of Christine’s voice, his feelings for her grew and grew until he became obsessed with her. So, he later on kidnapped Christine as his desperate effort to make her love him.
  • It was then revealed to Christine that the Opera Ghost in the person of Erik was actually a genetically deformed being with a horrible “rotten??? face. In order to convince Erik to release her, Christine promised him that she will wear ring he gave and that she will remain faithful to him.
  • Christine then told his friend Raoul about what Erik did to her. They planned to run away from Erik after Christine sings her final song for him. However, Erik heard everything they talked about, got jealous, and decided to kidnap again Christine.
  • Erik also managed to kidnap Raoul and torture him. When Christine found out about it, she pleaded to Erik and offered that she would agree to marry him in a condition that he would set Raoul free.
  • Because of his great love for Christine, Erik agreed and granted her wish. Christine gave him a kiss on his forehead and it was then revealed that Erik has never kissed or been kissed by anyone. The twist happened and Erik finally decided to let go Christine despite her willingness to fulfill her promise to him. He even told her to marry Raoul for the condition that she will come back to bury him on his death.
  • Finally, Erik told all his secrets to a Persian acquaintance and requested to advertise his death in a newspaper. It was also revealed that Erik’s death was due to a broken heart. In the end, Christine returned for Erik’s burial and she gave him back the ring.

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