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An Outright Scare In the Middle of Springtime

Mention the word “Springtime” and you can be sure of visions of flower buds opening up, trees being covered in green leaves, warm sunshine, and delightful mornings. One thing that you would definitely not be thinking of would be ghouls and ghosts; that is unless you are an Addams Family fan.

The Addams Family has been around since the 40s when Charles Addams started working on one-panel cartoons about a weird family living in Cemetery Lane. The inspiration for what was to become as one of the most endearing macabre family was Charles own hometown of Westfield in New Jersey.

Although most people relate the Addams Family with darkness and monsters, the story actually started in a different manner. When Charles came up with the characters, they were just your ordinary close-knit family, albeit with some touch of “uniqueness”. It was after meeting with science fiction writer Ray Bradbury that the Addams Family that we know today came into being.

If you have been living under a rock, the Addams Family includes Gomez, the father; Morticia, the mother; the brother and sister tandem of Wednesday and Pugsley; Uncle Fester, Gomez’s brother; Grandma; and the Thing. Not many people may know it, though, but Gomez and Morticia actually had a third child named Pubert. This character was not fully explored, however, due to the similarity of the name to “Pubic” and “Puberty” which might not sit well with majority of the audience. Other characters that make appearances in the story include Lurch, Cousin Itt and Cousin Cackle.

 The popularity of the story of the Addams Family has spawned a number of TV series, an animation, and even a musical play. Depending on which one you are watching, the family could range from just being plain weird to actually being vampires and ghouls with penchant for pain and disaster. Of the various media performances, however, it is the stage performance of The Addams Family that has been garnering much attention.

The first ever stage performance of the Addams Family was in 2010 in Broadway. Although the Broadway production closed in 2011, a revised national tour of the said stage performance began in September of 2011. The Broadway Tour featured such tracks as “Pulled”, “When You’re An Addams”, “Where Did We Go Wrong”, “One Normal Night”, and “Tango de Amor”. While the US tour featured almost the same songs, they had additional tracks such as “Trapped”, “But Love”, and “Not Today”. Both versions, however, focus on a grown up Wednesday and how she introduces her family a normal guy that she is planning to marry. This she does by not only having the guy over at her home but also by having him bring his family to meet the Addams. This causes friction among the other characters with many of them worrying about getting old and being left behind as Wednesday enters a new phase in her life. Of course, as with any other Addams Family story, all's well that ends well.

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