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An Update on the Commercial Success of UFC

Since the time of UFC 100 in 2009 marked 1.7 million buys, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has earned massive success in different parts of the world. This mixed martial arts (MMA) competition once again earned tremendous victory during the UFC 129 series for having sold out more than 55,000 tickets that all-in-all worth over $11 million. In 2011, the UFC and Fox Sports engaged in a 7-year broadcast deal, which includes 32 live fights on Friday nights of each year, 6 separate Fight Night events, and 24 events that follow the reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter???.

The “UFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. Don Santos??? was the first broadcast television event of UFC in partnership with the said TV network. This telecast reached more than 8.8 million viewers and it became the all-time most watched MMA event. It has also become the most watched combat-type sports event after the HBO bout between Vitaly Klitschko and Lennox Lewis in 2003. It was then in 2011 when avid viewers were finally able to access UFC programming via pay-per-view TV in the US, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. UFC programming is currently broadcasted in 22 different languages in more than 130 countries around the world. There are also plans to continue the programming internationally, particularly in the UK and other European countries.

Here is the list of the most-watched UFC fights on Fox:

  • Velasquez vs dos Santos (Nov. 2011) with 5.5 million viewers
  • Evans vs Davis (Jan. 2012) with 4.7 million viewers
  • Henderson vs Diaz (Dec. 2012) with 4.4 million viewers
  • Johnson vs Dodson (Jan. 2013) with 4.2 million viewers
  • Henderson vs Melendez (Apr. 2013) with 3.7 million viewers
  • Diaz vs Miller (May 2012) with 2.4 million viewers
  • Shogun vs Vera (Aug. 2012) with 2.4 million viewers
  • Johnson vs Moraga (July 2013) with 2.4 million viewers
  • Johnson vs Benavidez 2 (Dec. 2013) with 2.4 million viewers

UFCAdded to the expansion of the UFC programming and promotion was the acquisition of its former rivals, including Strikeforce, Pride, and World Extreme Cagefighting. It just shows how powerful this MMA event promotion has become and it continues to dominate the whole world’s combat sports events. Currently, UFC is headed by President Dana White and is still aimed to identify the best martial art techniques in a real battle between contenders of various fighting disciplines. Most UFC fighters today make use of boxing, wrestling, karate, muay thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, sambo, and a combination of two or more of these styles. New and unique fighting techniques are also allowed as long as it does not violate the given standards and policies of the competition.

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