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Anaheim Ducks: The Best Team Mickey Mouse Ever Owned

Quack, quack, quack…no, not those Ducks. Created by Disney in 1993, the squad’s namesake being the 1992 kids movie, these Ducks have nothing to do with Emilio Estevez or the infamous “knuckle-puck??? shot. In their 17 NHL seasons, the Ducks – originally the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (why would they change that name?!) – have made the playoffs eight times. In 2007, one such post-season campaign was capped off with a Stanley Cup championship. Not bad for a team founded by a cartoon mouse. Led by 1993’s fourth overall draft pick, Paul Kariya, the team made their first playoff run in the 1996-97 season, beating the Mighty Coyotes of Phoenix in a seven-game first round before getting swept in the second by the Mighty Red Wings of Detroit, who would go on to win the cup that year. The 1998-99 season brought another playoff run to the Ducks, but were again squashed by the Wings – a four game sweep in the first round. The team finally got revenge against their Motor City kill-joys in the 2002-03 playoffs when they – to everyone’s amazement – swept the Wings in the first round. They defeated the Mighty Stars of Dallas next to advance to their first ever western conference finals against the Mighty Wild of Minnesota, who gave Anaheim very little trouble, indeed. Minnesota scored just one goal in the four game series. In that year’s Stanley Cup, they faced off against the Devils of New Jersey. Unfortunately for them, this series didn’t end so well. A hard-fought seven-game series brought the Cup that year to the Garden State. Soon after, Disney would sell the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, the name would be shortened to simply the Anaheim Ducks and some slick new uni’s would be unveiled. Finally, in 2007, they were crowned champs of the NHL after beating the Ottawa Senators in five games. They were the first California team to win the Mighty Cup of Stanley.

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