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Boston Celtics: Will The Benchers Please Stand Up?

If last Saturday’s game would be the measure by which we can determining Boston Celtic’s probability of winning this season, we might be in for a let-down. Throughout its history, there have only been three teams that can be considered as Boston Celtic’s rival. These would be the Detroit Pistons, which happened to be their strongest rival during the 80′s; the Philadelphia 76ers, which typically also highlighted the rivalry between Larry Bird and Julius Erving; and the Los Angeles Lakers, which is considered to be the best rivalry in the whole history of NBA.

Boston Celtics belongs to the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. The team had been around since 1946 when they were still owned by Boston Basketball Partners LLC. Last season, the said NBA team almost had the championship within their reach when they went against Miami Heat. Unfortunately, it was the Miami Heat who became the Eastern Conference champion and, later on, the 2011-2012 NBA champion. Today, most fans are still wondering whether the Celtics has what it takes in order to make it through this season.

There is no doubt that, for this season, Boston Celtics can be considered to be a powerhouse, what with such players as Leandro Barbosa, Jason Terry, and Jeff Green, among others. That being the case, one would naturally assume that Doc Rivers would not have a hard time coming up with his starting lineup. This, however, is not the case.

Boston CelticsNot that Doc Rivers is actually worried about his starting lineup. With some of the best players in town, it can be quite easy to pick out just about any person on his team and have him be on the starting lineup. The challenge comes when considering who would be included in the backing lineup. With so many good players to choose from, it ultimately boils down to proper combination of players for each rotation. To date, however, Rivers still seems to be stuck on who would work well with whom to form the starting lineup, and who should be bench warmers for the mean time. As much as he is worried about who are the starters, he is also concerned about the playtime of such bench warmers as Terry who can’t seem to find his balance in last week’s game despite his last two free throws during the last 1.2. It was Paul Pierce who was able to score the most number of points at 27 with Rajon Rondo providing 12 assists. It also does not help that Avery Bradley is still out of commission due to his double shoulder injury which placed Courtney Lee in the starting position. The sad part is, Bradley would have made much difference if he is already around. It is what it is, however, and Boston Celtics might have to wait until December to know if Bradley would prove to be of value, which, hopefully, might not be too late.

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