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Chicago Bulls: A Certified Record Holder

As the result of the San Antonio Spurs’ loss against the Miami Heat during the 2013 NBA finals, the Chicago Bulls once again stood out for being now the only team in the league to have earned multiple NBA championship titles without a championship series loss. This has made the NBA fans recall the “magic??? the Bulls had during their supremacy in the league way back in the 90s when Michael Jordan was considerably the best player for this sport. Although the Bulls are currently not as victorious as they were back then, it is undeniable that they remain among the toughest competitors in each NBA season and there’s no doubt that their legacy lives on.

The Chicago Bulls have already done numerous memorable hard court performances over their fruitful decades in the NBA. In fact, they are a holder of several records such as:

  • Best Overall Win-Loss Season Record (72-10 during the 1995-96 NBA Season)
  • Longest Streak for Home Games (44 from seasons 1994-95 to 1995-96)
  • Longest Streak for Start-of-Season Home Games (37 in season 1995-96)
  • Best Overall Record / Most Games Won (33 out of 41 road games in 1995-95)
  • Largest Victory Margin in an NBA Finals Game (96-54 against Utah Jazz)
  • Second Best Overall Win-Loss Home Record (39-2 with the Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Highest Defensive Percentage in a Game (0.952 ave. against the Golden State Warriors in 1975)
  • Highest Free Throw Percentage in a Game (1.00 against the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1992)

chicago bullsOn the other hand, there have also been a number of not-so-good records set by the Bulls. Some of these are:

  • Overall Second Fewest Points per Game in a Season (ave. of 81.9 in 1998-99)
  • Second Fewest Points in a Game (49 in1999)
  • Lowest Free Throw Percentage in a Game (0.41, shared with the LA Lakers in 1968)
  • Highest Number of Personal Fouls by Two Teams in a Game (87, shared with the Portland Trail Blazers in 1984)
  • Least Time Played by a Disqualified Player in a Game (7 minutes by Will Perdue in 1992)
  • Highest Number of Offensive Rebounds in an NBA Finals Game (11 by Dennis Rodman in the 1996 NBA Finals)
  • Fewest Players with More Than 10 Points Scored in a Game (4, shared with the Miami Heat in 1997)

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the Chicago Bulls still among the most awaited teams in every season of the NBA league. Fans are still excited each time this team gets into the finals. Their large fanbase is also manifested in their players’ followers in various social media platforms as well as in the team’s remarkable sponsors. As a matter of fact, Forbes magazine ranks the Chicago Bulls third among the most valuable teams in the entire NBA league with overall value estimated at $800 million.

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