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Chicago White Sox: Looking Down A Crossroad

Baseball is one of the many sports that majority of Americans are really into. Not only does it evoke feelings of camaraderie, it also makes a lot of American spectators somewhat nostalgic. This is aside from the fact that baseball is considered a “democratic game” due to the fact that it allows anyone, regardless of size or weight or gender, to play. If you are one of those fascinated with baseball, then, most likely, you would also have a baseball team you would be rooting for.

One of the most known team names when it comes to baseball is that of the Chicago White Sox. This professional baseball team is located in the southern side of Chicago in Illinois and is considered to belong to the Central Division of the American baseball league. While the team had its moments of fame, it cannot be denied that the last time they were able to win the World Series was almost a decade ago.

In the past, the Chicago White Sox figured prominently in the baseball field. This was only cut short when some of its prominent players figured in a game selling where the players lost on purpose in order to win the gamble. This caused some of the players to be banned permanently from the game. It did not help that the succeeding years saw the New York Yankees take on the baseball world by storm. It was only in the 2005 seasons that the Chicago White Sox was able to once again bring home the pennant as well as the first World Series Championship.

It was in 2012 that the team was able to get a perfect play for the third time in the whole history of the franchise. The said game was against the Seattle Mariners and the score was 3-0. In the whole history of Major League Baseball, the said game was the 21st perfect one that has been played. Although they were leading in the Central Division, they started lagging behind a few weeks before the end of the season resulting in them placing a mere three slots from the champions.

By 2013, the Chicago White Sox had the coldest opening days in more than a century. Unfortunately, although they were able to win the game, they were still considered to be the last in the American League having lost 99 games.

Today, the Chicago White Sox still seems to be at a lost on where they actually stand. This became even more apparent with their game against the Minnesota Twins. Although they were able to score a lead against the team, most professionals are of the opinion that Chris Sales was all over the place and was actually spreading himself too thin. That being the case, everyone is wondering if the team would be able to make it for this season or would their losing streak never end.

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