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Composure and Mental Toughness Made Boston Bruins Win Game 1

Currently securing the fourth spot of this NHL season, Boston Bruins have been doing a great job in going against their rival teams. The famous ice hockey team had recently battled it out against New York Rangers, which is currently in the sixth place. The thrilling match between the two teams went in overtime by which Boston Bruins won with a 3-2 score. Thus, Bruins made it to take the first game of the Eastern Conference semifinals bout series. Now, Boston’s ice hockey team needs their fans more than ever to support them in Game 2. The team expects NY Rangers to make a big comeback to tie the series and eventually become the Eastern Conference winners. For sure, Boston fans would not like that to happen, especially when the Game 2 will be held at Madison Square Garden, New York.

Boston BruinsThe game of the semifinals series was full of surprising come backs from both teams. New York Rangers exerted a splendid effort to save the 48 shot attempts of the opposing team. Although the Rangers’ goal post defense was sharp and solid, Brad Marchand made an astonishing two-on-one rush shot during the overtime to seal Bruins’ win. The spark was first plugged by Torey Krug during the third period, in which he made a come back goal that really made the Bruins’ crowd come alive. The goal sent the match in overtime and the momentum was on Boston Bruins side. The next period made everyone fired up and tensed, a good time to test the mental toughness of both teams. In the end, Marchand was able to score the winning goal with only 4:20 left in the overtime. So, people can really expect to watch a brawling yet competitive Game 2 of the semifinals series on Thursday next week.

Boston Bruins pride themselves on their winning tradition throughout the team’s history, which dates back to 1924. The team has six Stanley Cup championships under its belt, which makes them the second most of any NHL team and fourth most of all-time. With that, ice hockey fans are sure of getting satisfied yet again with the team’s soon-to-be finals appearance should they beat NY Rangers in the upcoming games. Boston Bruins know the importance of winning the second match, so they will definitely start strong so as to devastate the opponent early on the game. In this way, NY Rangers would find it hard to make a come back and let the finals ticket slip away from them.

Boston Bruins fans look forward for another heroic performance by Torey Krug and Brad Marchand. Sure these two players would expect a tight defense against them combined with the stellar goal keeping skills of Henrik Lundqvist. Boston Bruins just need to make sure to take care of their every possession to prevent unforced errors that NY Rangers might be able to capitalize this time. Some people say that if only the Rangers were able to keep up with Bruins, they could have won the game. So, Bruins have to make sure that they’re all wrong over again.

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