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Eric Church: A Three on Three

With pop music being considered to be mainstream music, it can be quite easy to forget that there are other music genres in the market. One such genre that actually has quite a following is country music.

It can be said that country music originated from the southern US during 1920s and is basically a fusion of American folk music and Western cowboy. There might have been a number of names associated with country music but very few have achieved the level of notoriety and fame than Eric Church.

Eric Church is an American country singer and songwriter. Born in May of 1977, he had released a total of three albums which have all been certified gold, with the third even getting a platinum certification in the US. His first album entitled, “Sinners Like Me,” which was released in July 2006 was able to peak at no. 7 in US by featuring such hits as “How ‘Bout You”, “Two Pink Lines”, and “Guys Like Me”. In the US alone, the said album was able to sell more than 400,000 copies. Church’s second album entitled, “Carolina”, on the other was released in March of 2009 and peaked at the US country charts at number 4. It was also able to peak at number 17 for the US music charts. The lead-off single from this album is the track, ‘Love Your Love the Most” which was his sixth single to make to the Billboard country singles chart. Church’s second album was able to outsell the first by about 50,000 copies.

Eric Church“Chief” was Church’s third album and featured such hits as “Homeboy” and “Drink in My Hand”. Released just last July 2011, the album was able to secure generally positive reviews days after its release. As a proof of the album’s musical prowess, it was able to peak at number 1 for the US Country Music charts as well as the US Music Charts. It also peaked at number 7 at the Canadian Music Charts. This is aside from the fact that it was gold certified in Canada and was considered platinum in the US. Church’s two previous albums were only able to secure a gold in the US. The hit single “Springsteen”, which made the airwaves last February, was also from the same album and is Church’s 11th single. The said track was written and recorded by Church in collaboration with Jeff Hyde and Ryan Tyndell. By June 2012, the soulful track had already peaked at number 1 at the US Billboard Country Songs and was Platinum-certified after sales for the said track rocketed to more than a million.  The said track was followed by an equally astounding mid-tempo track, “Creepin,” which was released in July 2012 and is the album’s fourth single. While “Springsteen” made a few references to music legend Bruce Sprinsgteen, “Creepin” was more of a narration about a former love.

As a way to promote tracks from his third album, Church performed last October 8 and 9 at the Tivoli Theater in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This would be followed by other performances in the US as well as Canada and would continue until February of next year. Get your Eric Church tickets now at Ticket Broker.

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