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Facts and Figures of New York Yankees as Baseball’s Most Successful Franchise

With 27 World Series championship titles, the New York Yankees is one of the most successful baseball teams in the history of the Major League Baseball (MLB) and even in the entire professional baseball history. This is just one of the many reasons why each game of the Yankees is attended by a huge crowd of supporters, baseball fans, and spectators. At the same time, this baseball team has been considered by many other franchises of the league, especially the Boston Red Sox, as among their greatest rivals.

Outstanding Franchise Records

There many other records that have been set by the New York Yankees, apart from their 27 World Series titles. Among these are the 40 American’s League (AL) pennants and 18 AL East Division titles. In 2013, Forbes magazine declared that the New York Yankees is the most valued sports franchise in the US with an estimated value of about $2.3 billion. When it comes to notable players, the Yankees have already produced a total of 44 players who have been inaugurated into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Adding to them is the team’s total of 11 managers who have been inducted to the same title.

New York YankeesPerformance Ratings

Currently, the New York Yankees holds an average championship appearance of 1 in 2.7 seasons (37%) and championship winning of 1 in every 4.0 seasons (25%). Their championship rating over their total of 40 appearances is 37.5%, which makes them the winningest franchise in the league despite the fact that they are also the team with the most number of championship losses. In the entire 2013, the New York Yankees garnered a 9947-7570 record, which gave them an all-time regular season winning percentage of 0.568 – the best of any baseball team in the sport’s history.

Rivalry with the Boston Red Sox

There’s no doubt that the most famous, the toughest, and one of the oldest rivalries in the history of professional baseball is between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Perhaps, the most remarkable face-off of these two teams is the 2004 AL Championship Series where the Yankees won games 1 through 3 of the best of seven series. The Red Sox made a sweet revenge on the fourth game and then managed to continue winning until the seventh game, which made them the only baseball team in the entire history to win championship after losing the series’ first 3 games. These two baseball teams have been tough rivals of each other for more than a century already and until now, each time they meet on the field, baseball fans all over the world are dying to witness the intense live action in their games.

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