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Former Kings Coach Jaime Kopman Now the Assistant Coach for the Chicago Blackhawks!

The big switch of Steve Nash from Phoenix Suns to LA Lakers was not the only booming switch news in the world of sports. In the world of ice hockey, another major switch occurred when Chicago Blackhawks recently hired Jamie Kompon to seat on the team’s bench next season as the Assistant Coach to Joel Quenneville. The two go a long way back when they were both with the Blues before. This hire happened after Jamie Kompon’s contract with the Kings expired last June 30 and was not renewed. This news was announced last Tuesday, July 17 finalizing that Kompon will be replacing the fired Mike Haviland.

Chicago Sun Times

Before signing the contract with the Chicago Blackhawks, Jamie Kompon spent that last six seasons with the Kings and paved way for them to reach their very first Stanley Cup last June. With his track record of leading a team of players to success, Qeunneland is optimistic that he will be a great addition to the roster that guides the Blackhawks. Quenneland commends Kompon for his notable work ethics and a golden resume. He feels that hiring Kompon is a very great move for the future of their team and the perfect fit as well. He has known the guy for years and says that he is confident with what he can contribute to his team.

This regroup is a major reunion for since Kompon will be working on the side with another assistant coach Mike Kitchen who was also with them during the time with the Blues. The three surely has an unbeatable chemistry that will spark Chicago Blackhawks’ success even further. According to Quenneland, Jaime Kompon will be a great replacement for Haviland who was fired last May 8 due to a “coaching ranks dysfunction??? last season.

Today, the three are planning for a better game plan for the Blackhawks by repairing their special team units. The team can be recalled to finish 26th in the NHL with a 15.2% success rate on the power play and 27th on the penalty kill at 78.1%.

All in all, the Blackhawks are keeping their fingers crosses and holds their head up in the sky with this proud decision of theirs. The team is just ecstatic knowing that the coach with a Stanley Cup pedigree is on their turf now. Even the Blackhawks General manager Stan Bowman is impressed of Kompon’s more than fifteen years of NHL coaching experience. They also regale on the outright familiarity of Kompon with the coaches of the team having been workmates with Joel Quenneland and Mike Kitchen. This makes the transition easily adaptable and the trust accessible for the rest of the team.

Are you a big fan of the Chicago Blackhawks? Support and cheer for them in their upcoming games this season and watch them live as they come back on the rink bigger, better and stronger with a new golden assistant coach on their bench!

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