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From Being Kara’s Flowers to Becoming Overexposed

The world-renowned pop rock band, previously known as Kara’s Flowers, has certainly got their hands full this year. They have just recently announced that they are once again working on a new album. Aside from that however, the group will also have a tour to handle. The five-man band will be playing under the heat of the summer on their outdoor summer tour. According to the Grammy-winning band, the tour will kick off when they headline the 2013 Honda Civic Tour in the first of August. It will be held at St. Louis and will feature American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. There will be 31 date tours in total with the last one set for San Diego in October.

“I think the live outdoor kind of summer vibe is always different than the indoor arena tour because there’s less emphasis on production and more on live music,” Maroon 5 lead vocalist Adam Levine states his enthusiasm for the upcoming tour. “It’s kind of the purist form of a tour ’cause there’s not too many bells and whistles.”

Maroon 5 acknowledges that the success of their latest album “Overexposed??? is what has driven their popularity to a higher level today. The aforementioned album was their fourth since their debut and their most successful thus far. It carried a number of singles that gained utmost commercial success such as “Payphone,??? “One More Night,??? and “Daylight.???

Maroon 5“It’s so amazing to have an album people connect with and embrace. It’s a dream come true. It’s hard to believe to have lighting strike twice and three times and four times,” Levine speaks for Maroon 5 about Overexposed. “We’re having a moment. A good moment.” He also says that Maroon 5 is collaboratively working together in order to follow up on the success of their fourth album stating, “We’re just getting started. We’ve got some great songs in the can.” The band’s guitarist, James Valentine also notes that their music style has developed a darker tune so they are planning to go back to their original roots which made their debut album “Songs about Jane??? a great success in the past.

Starting out as four-man group, the band had their early start in their music bit as Kara’s Flowers. The name was inspired by a girl whom the group collectively had a crush on. The four founding members were Adam Levine, Jessie Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick. It was during their high school years, in 1994, when the band was formed. In 1997, the band released the album The Fourth World after signing to Reprise Records. After an unsuccessful first shot, the band parted but later reunited with a new member and a new name, Maroon 5. Setting their band on a new direction, they soon captivated the music scene with their debut album Songs about Jane which has 12 songs in total including “She Will Be Loved??? and “Harder to Breathe.??? They later followed up with “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long,??? “Hands All Over??? and “Overexposed,??? leading to their immense popularity today.

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