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Getting it “Down” With The Kooks

When you talk to artists who are just starting out in the music industry, you would most likely here of stories of other artists having served as their inspiration for trying it out in the music industry. From Elvis Presley being inspired by such Blues musician as Big Mama Thornton, Fats Domino, Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and Little Richard; to Katy Perry being inspired by Freddie Mercury when it comes to showmanship. Having said that it can be quite surprising to know that there are also a handful of artists whose inspiration can come from as mundane a thing as shopping for clothes.

The Kooks is a British rock band that has started making their mark in the music industry since 2004. They are primarily known for such tracks as “She Moves In Her Own Way”, which earned them a nomination at The Brit Awards.
The Kooks is made up of Luke Pritchard, Hugh Harris, Alexis Nunez, and Peter Denton. Peter Denton was actually a replacement for temporary bass guitarist Dan Logan who, in turn, was a replacement for original member Max Rafferty. Rafferty was fired from the band in 2008 due to problems with his attendance as well as health issues.

The Kooks was formed after while the original members were still students at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music in 2002. This was after Pritchard and Paul Garred, another original member who has since left the band, got the inspiration as they were shopping along Primark. During the said shopping spree, the duo were discussing about how they as a group would look if they were in a band.

A few months after the said shopping spree, the group already found themselves signing up with Virgin Records. At first, the band was not too keen about recording an album. As opposed to what other bands do, The Kooks wanted to start with their concerts and other live performances before actually sitting down and recording tracks for their album. What this decision did was actually helped shaped the band members themselves. They were able to get a feel of what kind of music genre they want to be known for which, in turn, allowed them to write songs that touched on majority of the existing music genres.

After their first tour, the band was able to sit down and work on their debut album with a working title of “Inside In/ Inside Out”. The said album featured such tracks as “She Moves In Her Own Way,” “You Don’t Love Me,” “Sofa Song”, and “Eddie’s Gun”.  Released in 2005, this album was followed by “Konk” which was released in 2008. By 2009, the band would already have released their third album, “Junk of the Heart”. The said album featured 14 new tracks. With their third album still hot off the grill, the band decided to work on their fourth album which is due to be released this September 2014. The said album contains the already launched singled, “Down”.

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