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Getting to Know That MacArthur Fellow

In the world of creative services, the MacArthur Fellow if considered to be one of the highest achievements anyone can have. The said prestigious award is being given annually by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to about 20 to 40 individuals who have shown “exceptional merit and promise for continued and enhanced creative work". Recipients need to be a citizen of the US in order to qualify. Over the years, a number of recognizable names have been given the said ward. One of these names is Jason Moran.

Jason Moran is a musician primarily known for his prowess when it comes to jazz piano as well as for writing music. Currently, he serves as the musical adviser for jazz for the Kennedy Center. Although he has started as a band leader in the late 9s, he became more and more critically acclaimed for his compositional skills as well as his ability to play a mixture of such genres and instruments as the stride piano, classical piano, hip-hop, and avant-garde jazz. It was in 2010 that he was given the MacArthur Fellow award.

Although Moran started with the piano when he was just 6 years of age, he was able to switch to jazz upon hearing the song, “Round Midnight”. As his passion for music grew, he found himself enrolling in such prestigious educational institutions as the Houston’s High School for Performing and Visual Arts as well as the Manhattan School of Music. It was while he was in college that he was able to further hone his skills under the tutelage of such renowned names as Jaki Byard, Muhal Richard Abrams, and Andrew Hill.

AS a senior he was able to play with saxophone legend Greg Osby as part of a European tour. Because Osby liked Moran’s playing style, the former had the latter continue playing with their group as they return to the US. This is what is to become Moran’s first recording. This also led to Moran signing up with the Blue Note and releasing his very first album, the “Soundtrack to the Human Motion” in 1999. The said recording featured such tracks as Snake Stance, Still Moving, Release from Suffering, Kinesics, and Retrograde. The recording was not only a commercial success but was also critically acclaimed.

By year 2000, Moran was already releasing his second album titled, “Facing Left”. In order to create the said album, he worked with such artists as Tarus Mateen and Nasheet Waits. The three would soon come to be known as The Bandwagon with Sam Rivers, a saxophonist and a pianist, in tow. The group release their album, Black Stars, the following year.

The year 2002 saw Moran releasing his own solo album with a title of Modernistic. This was followed by another album, The Bandwagon: Live at the Village Vanguard, the following year. Moran did not stop there and was soon on his way to becoming a prolific song maker with the release of the album, “Same Mother”, by 2005.

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