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Blue Man Group
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Getting to Know the Blue Man Group

Ever been to a performance where the main performers do not have any speaking lines? What about performers who remain in character long after the curtains have closed? If not, then it’s time for you to see the Blue Man Group in action.

Similar to how Jabbawockeez are when they perform, the Blue Man Group also comes in blue make up and bald cap, thus the name. However, the Blue Man Group’s performance typically revolve distinct themes.  This would include Science and Technology, Information overload and pollution, innocence and naivety of certain cultures, climbing to the top, and the feeling of being an outsider. That being the case, it should be of no surprise if you see group member staring in awe and wonder when presented with modern gadgets and technology.

The group was started in the late 80′s by Chris Wink, Matt Goldman, and Phil Stanton, and is known for their unique theatrical performances and concerts. The group has also done a number of TV appearances, exhibits, and musical scores, using various media. Some of the countries the Blue Man Group has already performed in include Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, and Austria, to name a few.

The Group’s History

The Blue Man Group was the result of the trio’s salute to the 80′s. Wink and Goldman were childhood friends while Stanton became part of the group in 1986 when he transferred to Savannah GA. At the start, the group played only around the Manhattan area. It was when Meryl Vladimer saw their work that the group started getting worldwide attention. Succeeding performances only served to further cement their name in the entertainment industry. Some of their most memorable performances include such music as “I Feel Love”, The Complex, and the “The Current”. They have already released a handful of albums including, “Audio,” “The Complex”, and “How to Be A Megastar Live!”

Because of their unique and, oftentimes, uncanny performance, the Blue Man Group has been the recipient of a number of accolades including a special citation from the Obie Awards and a special aware from the Lucille Lortel Awards. They were also the recipient of the Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience and the Audience Choice Award for Best Long-Running Show which was given by the Off Broadway Alliance Awards.

To date, many fans of the said group are still waiting for the film that they had started working on in 2008. While most press releases mentions the film being planned for a 2011 release, nothing has come out of the group yet. The said film was rumored to be called, “Blue Man Group: Mind Blast” and is to feature the three original members of the group – Wink, Goldman, and Stanton. Of late, the group has been rehashing their old acts using modern technology to better appeal to their audience.

You can catch the Blue Man Group when they perform this April at the Briar Street Theater in Chicago, Illinois. Make sure you get your Blue Man Group tickets online at Ticket Broker.

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