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, IL
Lollapalooza News

Here Comes Lollapalooza!

One of the good things about the music industry is that it has the power to bring people from all walks of life together. That is just the case with Lollapalooza.

If you are not familiar with it, Lollapalooza is an annual music festival held at various parts of the world. It got its name from an early 20th century American idiomatic expression that denotes “an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance”. In some cases, the term is also used to refer to a large lollipop. This is the reason why the logo for the Lollapalooza event typically includes a lollipop.

Although Lollapalooza is now an awaited event the world over, it actually had one of the humblest beginnings – as a farewell tour of sorts for the band, Jane’s Addiction, which was held in 1991. This was inspired by the Gathering of The Tribes concert by Bill Graham. The said event featured not only music from successful artists as well as music by Jane’s Addiction, it also featured tents that display art pieces as well as booths for virtual games and information table that provided info about political as well as environmental non-profit groups. The event was a huge success leading to it being held annually until 1997. One of the main reasons for its success is the growing popularity of alternative music which also led to the coining of such term as “Alternative Nation”. By 2003, there was a revival of the said event with Lollapalooza being held in various cities in North America. The start of 2004 saw the event being held for two days instead of the traditional one-day event. Unfortunately, poor sales led to the event being cancelled the same year. Most people thought that would be the end of Lollapalooza. The following year, however, Perry Farrell, the man responsible for the first Lollapalooza, teamed up with the William Morris Agency as well as Capital Sports Entertainment in order to beef up the current set up of the event and allow it to become a weekend destination festival in Chicago, IL. By 2010, the phenomenal event had its international debut at Chile.

Today, the Lollapalooza typically takes place over a period of two to three days. It features a number of music genres and have tapped on a number of artists including Depeche Mode, Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga, The Killers, Pearl Jam, The Cure, Alice in Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots, to name a few.

Over the years, Lollapalooza has also been held at Brazil and Argentina. A 2012 performance was scheduled in Israel although this has been postponed indefinitely. For 2014, performances were held at Santiago, Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. An August performance is slated to be done here at Chicago, IL.

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