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I Hear Jerusalem Bells are Ringing… No, Wait! It’s Coldplay In The Flesh!

Fitting in was never the style of the British-bred Coldplay. Since their debut album in 2009, music critics and journalists agrees on one thing: Coldplay was never one to go along with the stereotypical landscape of music artists during that time which was bombarded by sweet bubble gum pop stars, aggressive rap artists and junior-league punks. Their soulful, haunting, and intellectually written songs have proven that Coldplay has something more to offer to the music scene. They don’t just sing, they serenade. They don’t write songs, they compose right from the heart. You know, that kind of music that will make your head spin and think what was the story behind it and what made the composer write it, but it makes you fall in love and hurt you too otherwise. Lead by vocalist Chris Martin, Coldplay is composed of Will Champion, Guy Berryman and John Buckland.

Coldplay broke the canned music scene and brought in a set of songs of what can only be created by music geniuses such as The Beatles. Although a comparison between the two will never be justified, Coldplay is just so amazingly and wonderfully weird to blend in to the rest of the artists of their generation. Though the themes of their song are simply about love, heartbreaks, and insecurities, they never falter when it comes to mixing it with real emotions that are actually felt by real people. They were one of the very few groups who has successfully described with words the sensations felt by a sensible person, whereas other artists were too busy writing about partying, sex, booze, and other trivial things.

If that isn’t enough far outcry to segregate Coldplay as real artists from one hit wonders, Coldplay was never one to impress people. While other rock bands are enjoying their fame getting drunk, and trying to lend their music to car companies, sneakers and alcohol, Coldplay was busy doing something more significant. Through their songs, they address poverty, nature and other environmental and societal issues.

They say that the music of Coldplay is only for the very few and equally-intellectual people who understands and appreciate them. True enough, it seems that Coldplay has been successful all along in converting minds and liberating people as they teach them what real music is all about. They have sold millions of records, graced the stage of major award-giving bodies to receive accolades, and they got what stereotypical bands can only wish for in their wildest dreams, and that is the hands-down praises of music critics. What they band had is more than popularity, they had honor, respect and they are regarded as a band who cares about melody, emotion and life.

If you are one huge Coldplay fan, then you must be dying to see this pack of ingenious music makers live and in the flesh! Best news of all good news: Coldplay will be having a series of performances all across the country. Catch them live!

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