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LA Lakers as One of NBA’s Most Successful Teams

The Los Angeles Lakers is undeniably one of the most admired and followed teams in the entire NBA league. It is most probably because of the team’s numerous championship winnings and long winning streaks. Of course, a huge factor for that is the popularity of the LA Lakers players like Kobe Bryant who have inspired a lot of aspiring basketball players all over the globe. This team has indeed captured the hearts of many and has been considered a tough competitor by other NBA teams. The huge number of followers on social media sites and the players’ appearances on TV shows, live events magazines, and online programs are just among the few obvious proofs for that.

LA LakersTo date, the LA Lakers team has a total of 15 players in its roster. The team’s guards are Steve Blake (#5), Jordan Farmar (#1), Xavier Henry (#7), Jodie Meeks (#20), Steve Nash (#10), and Kobe Bryant (#24). Wesley Johnson (#11) and Nick Young (#0) serve as guard-forward players while Pau Gasol (#16) is the forward-center player of the team. Other forward players are Elias Harris (#2), Ryan Kelly (#4), and Shawne Williams (#3). Lastly, the team’s center players are Jordan Hill (#27), Chris Kaman (#9), and Robert Sacre (#50). Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant are currently the oldest members of the team. They have been with the team in the last 17 years. Meanwhile, the team’s rookies are Elias Harris and Ryan Kelly. There are three 7-footers in the team. They are Pau Gasol, Chris Kaman, and Robert Sacre. When it comes to age, Steve Nash (39 years old) is the eldest while Ryan Kelly and Xavier Henry (22 years old) are the youngest ones.

Perhaps, Kobe Bryant is the most remarkable and talked about player in the team. One reason for that is his excellent collaboration with the team’s former superstar Shaquille O’Neal that led the team to earn three consecutive NBA titles in the 2000 to 2002 NBA seasons. Another is the fact that he is today’s highest paid player in the NBA, rating at $30,453,805 for the 2013-14 season. His fellow LA Lakers player Pau Gasol is also in the list, ranking at the seventh spot with a rating of $19,285,850. Moreover, it has been a big buzz in the NBA scene for Kobe Bryant’s injury in his Achilles’ heel tendon. He has been absent in the recent several games, which is considered by many as a huge challenge for the team. According to some news reports, he still needs a couple of weeks or more for his full recovery before he could get back into the game.

Several reports state that LA Lakers tickets are among the most sold-out tickets in the entire NBA league. This is most probably because of the fact that the team includes Kobe Bryant remains among the greatest NBA superstars of this generation. To see more of the LA Lakers and the team’s game schedules, just visit Feel free also to check out the site to buy LA Lakers tickets online, fast and hassle-free.

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