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Miami Heat’s LeBron James and His Recent Achievements

It can’t be denied that the Miami Heat was a victorious NBA team for the year 2013. This is more especially for the team’s superstar, LeBron James who is also considered today as the King of Basketball. Along with other passionate players of the Miami Heat, this iconic basketball player has contributed much to their team’s success, including their second consecutive championship. In most of the games played by the team, he manages to be one of the top scorers and impresses the crowd with his astonishing moves at the hard court. He always does something unpredictable – intentionally or not – that surprises the audience just when his team needs it the most.

Lebron JamesA distinctive achievement once again marked the basketball career of LeBron James recently. This is when he was named as 2013’s AP Male Athlete of the Year. He is actually the third basketball player in the history of this sport to receive such prestigious award; the first one was given to Larry Bird and the second was earned by Michael Jordan. Other notable nominees for the said award were Jimmie Johnson and Peyton Manning. Because of his remarkable basketball performances throughout the previous year, he got majority of the votes in a poll of news organizations and won the right for the said title. This explains why many basketball lovers and critics have been convinced why LeBron James is indeed the newest AP Male Athlete of the Year.

Other than the said prominent award, LeBron James was also hailed NBA’s MVP (most valuable player) for the fourth time. This recognition adds up to his numerous awards received since the start of his NBA career. His first season in the NBA earned him the Rookie of the Year award and later on, he was included in NBA All-Star. In fact, he has already been part of the NBA All-Star team for nine years and he has earned the All-Star MVP award for two times now. Apart from that, he has also won two Finals MVP awards and two World Champion titles. These and so much more are among the reasons why more and more basketball fans always look forward to watch him “heat??? the hard court. Many of them take all the means to catch up Miami Heat games where they could watch how LeBron James saves the team’s day through his unbreakable passion for the sport. The huge number of his loyal fans could be seen on his Twitter followers, Facebook Page Likes, and YouTube views. That’s why there are many times the Heat’s game tickets are sold-out

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