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New York Rangers Running Away From the Competition

From being the lowest seed in last year’s Eastern Conference National Hockey League playoffs, New York Rangersturned it around and finished the first half of the season as the top team in the standings. So far, the Rangers is 26-9 with 4 overtime losses and has scored a league leading 56 points. Owners of New York Rangers tickets have been treated with nice plays from their team which led to having one of the best home records in the entire league. Their current home record stands at 12-3 with 2 overtime losses.

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Riding a four-game winning streak, New York looks to have a solid second half to be able to hold on to the top spot of the standings. Based from team grades released by, NY Rangers is slated to go up as the second half of the season takes fold. The boys from the Madison Square Garden were graded with A+ which was also given to only one team from the Western Conference. Scott Burnside of said that the Rangers have the best winning percentage so far and add to it that Marc Staal has already returned to the blue line. His return makes this team much tougher to play come the second half and post season.

The 24-year-old Staal was sidelined with concussion which caused him to miss majority of the games played by his team. Since his return, the team has won three straight games but he still plays through limited minutes averaging 13 a game.

So far this season, the NY Rangershas been good statistically. They are second overall in terms of goal against and ninth over all in terms of goals per game. The team’s penalty kill percentage is also atop the rankings. Their 86.8 penalty kill ranks fifth overall.

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The good showing of the team statistically, of course, can be attributed to the play of their players. Ten-year veteran Marian Gaborik is having yet another good year for the team. His 23 goals put him in number three in the entire league. The said figure is one more goal than what he was able to achieve last season when he missed 20 games to injury. With a renewed focus and a healthier body, Gaborik is again leading his team to the playoffs. Another key contributor to the team is Henrik Lundqvist. A six-year veteran from Sweden, Lundqvist ranks third in terms of Goals Against Average. Through the 29 games he played, Lundqvist averages 1.89 per outing. He is third in terms of Save Percentage with .939. He is only .001 percent behind the second ranked (Brian Elliot) player but with a pretty good season, he can move up the rankings.

For the remaining games this month, NY Rangers has an equal number of home and away games. Home games can already be considered W’s with how this team plays. Road is a bit sketchy but they have been solid all throughout with a 14-6-2 record.

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