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NHL Season Begins an NFL like Season

After many days, weeks, and months (4) an agreement has been reached between the NHL Owners and Players for an abbreviated season of 48 games.  Details of the final labor agreement have not yet been released, but what hockey fans have been clamoring fo most, HOCKEY, will be played this year and for at least seven more years!

The season is set to begin January 19th, 2013 after the conclusion of a short one week training camp.  Game opponents have been reshuffled from the original schedule to best suit travel, costs, and Conference/Divisional opponents.   The league found it best to have Western and Eastern Conference teams play in their own Conference all season as opposed to the traditional cross country travels of a full season.

With the new season packed into 48 games this NHL season is more likely to mirror that of an NFL season than say an MLB season.  Head to head wins and points will come at a premium when the puck officially drops this Saturday.  Teams will have less time to make up lost points due to a schedule that has very little variety.  If your team plays in a challenging Division/Conference one or two bad games could cost you the post season.  On the other hand should your team play in a weaker Division/Conference you will have an opportunity to separate from the pack quickly to set-up a strong playoff seeding.

So, let the pucks drop!  The NHL Season, short it might be, has arrived.  Tickets can be found here at


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