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Paul McCartney: Living Up to the Beatles Legend

Long before boy bands like One Direction have taken over the air waves, there was one group who caused a phenomenon not only in the US but in almost all parts of the world as well. While the boy bands of today are typically pitted against each other, there were very few, back then, who could actually dominate this one group let alone go against them. That group is none other than the Beatles.

When the Beatles started, they had very little idea what kind of phenomenon they would be starting. The group, then, was composed of four English youngsters who were about to change the rock n’ roll world. These boys were John Lennon, Gringo Starr, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney. Although the group was able to ride the 60s, certain events had led the group to disband by the time the 70s had entered the scene. It did not help that the group had creative differences and had suffered from two deaths – that of their manager, Brian Epstein; and that of John Lennon. Of the remaining members, it was Paul McCartney who was able to transition smoothly from being a band member and one of the Beatles, to making it on his own.

Paul McCartney was only 15 years old when he got acquainted with John Lennon and his band. Already having an ear for the right melody as well as enough song writing skills, he joined the group as a rhythm guitarist. This allowed him to have a closer relationship with John Lennon. It took a few more months, though, before the Beatles, as we know them, was born. The group’s first single was “Love Me Do” which peaked at No. 17 in the UK charts. It was later re-promoted in the US and Europe, receiving commercial and critical success. It was mainly written by Paul McCartney when he was just 16 years old and was completed by John Lennon, cementing the bond between the two when it comes to writing songs for the band.
It was the song, “Love Me Do” that propelled the band to greater heights and starting the phenomena that would be known as Beatlemania. It was also at this time that people were growing more and more curious about the cute Beatle boy, “Paul McCartney”.

With the death of John Lennon as well as George Harrison, Pal McCartney had decided to resurrect his solo career. Not surprisingly, he was able to find himself surrounded by adulation of fans once again. Although most of the songs that he had been performing for quite some time now were mostly Beatles songs, albeit obscure ones, it never failed to once again fan the flames of that phenomenon known as the Beatlemania. This was proven by the fact that a number of people had grown concerned with the recent news of Paul McCartney’s health. Fortunately, the “cute Beatle” had proven that he has still a lot of spirit and spunk to go on.

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