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Quick Recap of the AMA Supercross Champions

Year after year, fans of motorcycle sport just can’t wait to see the next AMA Supercross Championship. This off-road motorcycle racing competition is currently being joined by constructors Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, and Yamaha. It is composed of 3 different classes, which are 450SX (17 rounds), 250SX East (8 rounds), and 250SX West (8 rounds). Many are very eager to find out who among the current racers will be included in the list of top racers of Arenacross, which include Tyler Bowers, Jeff Gibson, Zach Ames, Kelly Smith, Mike McDade, Nathan Skaggs, Willy Browning, and Gared Steinke.

It can be said that the competition among the racers in the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Supercross Championship is really getting tougher and tougher since each of them is well-supported by their constructors, sponsors, family and friends as supporters, and fans. Most of them are able to come up with innovative racing technology and techniques that could maximize their skills and potentials as racers, but still in accordance to the competition’s rules and regulations. In fact, that is one of the main factors that make this sport a must-watch for all motorcycle racing lovers all over the world, not to mention that many of the racers have captured the hearts of the ladies as seen on the millions of followers they have on social media.

AMA SupercrossIn the last ten years of the AMA Supercross Championship, several racers are able to grab the title for multiple times. Some of them are James Stewart, Jr, Chad Reed, and Ryan Villopoto. Here is the list of the AMA Supercross champions in the last ten years for the 450cc Class, 250cc West, and 250cc East categories, respectively:

• 2004 – Chad Reed; Ivan Tedesco; and James Stewart, Jr.
• 2005 – Ricky Carmichael; Ivan Tedesco; and Grant Langston
• 2006 – Ricky Charmichael; Grant Langston; and Davi Millsaps
• 2007 – James Stewart, Jr.; Ryan Villopoto; and Ben Townley
• 2008 – Chad Reed; Jason Lawrence; and Trey Canard
• 2009 – James Stewart, Jr.; Ryan Dungey; and Christophe Pourcel
• 2010 – Ryan Dungey; Jake Weimer; and Christophe Pourcel
• 2011 – Ryan Villapoto; Broc Tickle; and Justin Barcia
• 2012 – Ryan Villopoto; Eli Tomac; and Justin Barcia
• 2013 – Ryan Villapoto; Ken Roczen; and Wil Hahn

On the other hand, other racing organizations from different parts of the globe name the winners for the World Supercross Championship since its inception in 2003. Here are the winners of the World Supercross Championship:

• 2003 – Chad Reed
• 2004 – Heath Voss
• 2005 – Ricky Carmichael
• 2006 – James Stewart, Jr.
• 2007 – James Stewart, Jr.
• 2008 – Chad Reed
• 2009 – James Stewart, Jr.
• 2010 – Ryan Dungey
• 2011 – Ryan Villapoto
• 2012 – Ryan Villapoto
• 2013 – Ryan Villapoto

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