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Remarkable Music and Unprompted Live Entertainment Fill the 12th Annual Honda Civic Tour

For any typical show with a big budget that went into the production, there are great reasons to expect only an efficient showcase that runs like clockwork. Every step is measured, each move is cued and practically everything from behind the scenes and on-stage is quantified so that things will run as smoothly as can be. With the right performers at work, however, it would seem as if the unplanned and spontaneous still makes up for the best of live entertainment.

This is what Maroon 5 has strongly established last August 9, 2013, Friday, at the 12th Annual Honda Civic Tour’s date at Mansfield, Massachusetts. The three-time Grammy Award-winning band showed how the most memorable moments are the ones that are unscripted. Of course, special guest Kelly Clarkson did not let up on the spur-of-the-moment fun and entertainment.

Needless to say, the spectators were treated to a night of excellent musical feat which was made better with the spirited personalities of both artists. When it came to Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine, of course, nothing less was expected by the fans. All throughout, there was an interactive atmosphere that filled the venue, especially with Levine’s unquestionably charismatic sense of playfulness onstage. The band has always shown extensive passion for their supporters in every performance and that night at Comcast Centre was definitely one that displayed a rock solid work ethic from the American Pop Rock band.

Maroon 5Clarkson definitely gave a good start to the night’s high-energy excitement as she sang some of her hit singles including “Breakaway,??? “Behind Hazel Eyes,??? “Catch My Breath,??? “Since U Been Gone??? and “Walk Away.??? At one point she commented, “This ain’t Beyoncé, y’all.??? conceding that the heat is making her work up a sweat. If anything, this goofy remark only added to the crowd’s love for her powerful performances.

The concert then moved on to the headliners of the tour; Maroon 5, who more than lived up to Clarkson’s pungent first act. They followed up not only the musical weightiness but also the good-cheer energy that she has set. The band quickly picked up from where Kelly left off, giving off undeniable vitality. All in white, matching outfits, Maroon 5 fed the crowd with charming grins, jokes and, of course, the numbers that their fans wanted to witness. Through their smoothly-paced 90-minute take on the stage, they played their hits “One More Night,??? “Sunday Morning,??? “Hard to Breathe,??? “Makes Me Wonder??? as well as a cover of , “I Wanna Be Your Lover??? by Prince. With their funk-pop-soul style and comic attitude, there was certainly not one dull moment that night at Mansfield, Massachusetts’ Comcast Centre and the same can be expected for the rest of the concert tour.

The 12th Annual Honda Civic Tour started on the 1st of August. Apart from the headliner; Maroon 5 and special guest; Kelly Clarkson, the former contestants from The Voice – Rozzi Crane, PJ Morton and Tony Lucca – are also set to make supporting appearances. All 34 concert dates will have been finished by October 6, 2013, the date of the concert’s last installment.  You can get your Maroon 5 tickets from Ticket Broker today.

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