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Revisiting the Story of Evita

Love her or hate her, one thing is for sure – Eva “Evita” Peron, even in death, can capture the hearts of many.

If you are living under a rock, Eva Peron happens to be the second wife of the former Argentinian President, Juan Peron. While most Argentinians see her as a political icon, Eva actually had a career involving a much different niche – entertainment.
At the tender age of 15, Eva Peron has already found herself in Buenos Aires, the country’s capital, pursuing a career in acting as well as in singing. She first met her soon-to-be husband in a charity event meant to help the victims of earthquake in San Juan Argentina. The whirlwind romance ended up at the altar the following year. Although this story is a common boy-meets-girl plot, what made Eva Peron more famous among the Argentinians is the fact that she affiliated herself with the “descamisados”, or the shirtless ones. This is aside from the fact that she has been credited with a number of accomplishment including championing women’s suffrage in Argentina and running a charitable institution. This story is celebrated each time the musical “Evita” goes on stage.

The musical, “Evita”, began as a rock concert concept album and was divided into two acts. The music used in the said theatrical performance were by Andrew Lloyd Webber while the lyrics were penned by Tim Rice. The whole musical is focused on the life and death of Eva Peron and was initially released in 1976. Due to its commercial success, it was also done at the London’s West End a few years after its initial production. A year later, “Evita” found its way not only to Broadway but to a number of awards including the Tony for the Best Musical. Its East End production was also a recipient of Laurence Olivier Award for Best Musical.
Some of the songs included in this musical production are:

  • Requiem for Evita
  • Another Suitcase In Another Hall
  • On This Night of A Thousand Stars
  • Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
  • You Must Love Me
  • Eva’s Final Broadcast
While the theatrical production was popular only among those who are regular goers of Broadway and East End, it grew into prominence during the 90s due to the fact that it was made into a film. The said film featured Madonna as well as Antonio Banderas. It featured most of the songs that were also part of the theatrical production.

Aside from the Broadway and East End production, Evita also had a Brazilian production, a Madrid production, and a number of touring productions the latest was which was the 2013 US Tour production. The said production featured such artists as Caroline Bowman in the role of Evita, Josh Young who played “Che”, Sean McLaughlin who took on the role of Juan Peron, Christopher Johnstone who played the role of “Magaldi”, and Krystina Alabado as the Mistress. Desi Oakley also took on the role of Evita as an alternate for Caroline Bowman.

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