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Phantom of the Opera
Phantom of the Opera News

Sneak Peak to the Plot of The Phantom of the Opera’s Stage Adaptation

Among the most notable novels over the last two decades is Gaston Leroux’ “The Phantom of the Opera???, which was first published in 1909. This novel has been adapted in films for several times and the most remarkable of these is the 1925 film depiction, which starred Lon Chaney, Sr. There have also been numerous stage adaptations of this novel since its first publication era. One of the most successful of these is the 1986 musical show, which was produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber. To date, The Phantom of the Opera remains as an exciting stage show for show goers from different parts of the world.

Phantom of the OperaThe plot comprises gothic-type mystery and romance. Included to the main characters are Christine, Erik, and Raoul – three persons who eventually got into a love triangle. Christine is a young Swedish girl gift with an angelic soprano voice. She later on became part of the Paris Opera House choir where she first had an encounter with Erik, the person behind the names “The Phantom???, “The Angel of Music???, and “The Opera-Ghost???. Erik is a masked person who suffers from physical deformity and mental disorder. Still, he is a musical genius with an unearthly voice, which captured Christine’s attention and convinced her that he is the Angel of Music. Erik fell in love with Christine as he was listening to Christine’s voice. Because of his obsession with the lady, he then kidnapped her and kept her in the opera’s cellars – his home where his masked face was revealed to her. The two got into an agreement and so Erik set her free.

Christine had an old childhood friend, Raoul who also fancied her. He told him about Erik’s abduction to her but while they were discussing about their plan, Erik heard them and decided to kidnap Christine again. It was then found out that Erik planted explosives within the opera’s cellars and captured and tortured Raoul. Christine begged him not to continue his plans for the condition that she will marry him and become his “living bride???. A secret on Erik’s true identity was later on uncovered and so, a twist in the story happened right after that. In the end, Erik willingly set Christine and Raoul free. The plot finishes with a feel-good scene between Christine and Raoul and the fulfillment of Christine’s last promise to Erik.

Currently, “The Phantom of the Opera??? is being performed live every night at the Majestic Theater in New York and the Cadillac Palace in Chicago. Meanwhile, if you want to catch one of the live performances of “The Phantom of the Opera??? stage adaptation; just go to to see the schedules along with further details. The website also offers affordable The Phantom of the Opera tickets, which you can purchase over the web fast and easy! Lots of exciting twists and extravagant stage surprises are always prepared in each live performance. You can expect nothing but breathtaking musical performances as well as heart-capturing dramatic scenes. These and more explain why many people desperately go for The Phantom of the Opera tickets every now and then.

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