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Spinning the Web of Charlotte

If you are a child of the 90s, you would most likely know about that cute little pig known as “Babe”. However, stories involving animals have been around far longer than the said movie. In fact, stories that make use of animals have been around since the time of Aesop. Having said that, reading a book that feature animals should be something that can be considered as commonplace. Fortunately, that is not to be with “Charlotte’s Web”.

Written by the American author, E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web was a story of a pig named Wilbur, and a spider named Charlotte. In the story, Wilbur was about to be slaughtered by the farmer. In order to save his friend, Charlotte wrote messages, using her web, praising Wilbur. The first message that Charlotte wove was “Some pig”. As time went on, Wilbur gained fame and notoriety which, definitely, granted him the chance to stay with the family. Unfortunately, the little pig soon learned that Charlotte is dying and would be leaving her new found friend soon. Wilbur is left with three of Charlotte’s brood that were too young to leave the nest just yet. Now, while the book was a heart-wrenching one, more so was the musical production of the same title.

Charlotte’s Web, the musical, has the Sherman Brothers in charge of the music and the lyrics. These were the same people who wrote the lyrics and made the music for such films as Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Jungle Book. The Sherman Brothers have also received a number of accolades for their work. Aside from the numerous Academy Awards for musical scores, they were also the recipients of such awards as the Lifetime Achievement Award from BMI, the Christopher Award for Best Musical Score for Mary Poppins and another one for Tom Sawyer, and 2003 Variety Musical Award for Best Musical in the form of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The musical performance is divided into two acts with the first act ending with the farmer giving in to the pressure of having Wilbur join the County Fair. There are 21 songs featured in the musical including, “County Fair”, “Wilbur”, “Eating”, “Charlotte At Work”, “You’re You”, and “Nice to Meet You”.

Because of the uniqueness of the characters of this particular musical, various productions typically make use of up to three actors to play the role of Charlotte. Donning costumes that make them look like a spider, the actors typically have their own lines. The need for three individuals to play the role springs from the fact that, with three people manning the legs of the spider intricate movements are easier to make. This, of course, mean that the actors would have to learn how to work with each other seamlessly to avoid any mishaps while on stage.

This famous children’s story also typically has its run in various colleges and universities as part of their theater production program.

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