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Super Bowl XLVI: Two-Peat or New Champs?

Will it be Aaron Rodgers and the reigning champs, the Green Bay Packers or will there be a new champion? This is the question football experts want to know in the upcoming NFL playoffs. With the regular season complete and the playoff seeding already set, the score and standing goes back to zero. Playoffs will start with a wild card round between the four lower seeds of the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) on January 7 and 8. After this one, the divisional round will now be played wherein the top two teams of each conference go up against the wild card winners. This will happen on January 14 and 15. The conference championships will happen on January 22 to determine which teams will represent their respective conferences for the 46th edition of the Super Bowl. With the excitement up in the air, Super Bowl tickets would definitely be a sold out.

Super Bowl XLVI will happen on February 5 in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, the home of the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts though is not part of the playoffs and finished the season with a dismal 2-14 record. The said record is tied for worst in the entire league. Lucas Oil Stadium was chosen by the NFL franchise owners over two other stadiums during a meeting held on May 20, 2008. The other two stadiums that bid to host the Super Bowl XLVI are Reliant Stadium (Houston) and University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale). Super Bowl in Indianapolis will be the first time it will be played in the said place ever since the annual championship game started. It will also be the first time in the history that it will be played in consecutive years in a retractable roof stadium. Last year, it was played in the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The teams that has a shot at the Super Bowl championship are the New England Patriots (1st seed), Baltimore Ravens (2nd seed), Houston Texans (3rd seed), Denver Broncos (4th seed), Pittsburgh Steelers (5th seed), and Cincinnati Bengals (6th seed) of the AFC. In NFC, the teams are Green Bay Packers (1st seed), San Francisco 49ers (2nd seed), New Orleans Saints (3rd seed), New York Giants (4th seed), Atlanta Falcons (5th seed), and Detroit Lions (6th seed). The seeding though won’t matter in the playoffs since only one game will be played in every matchup and the lower seeds have all the chance to be in the Super Bowl. Take for example the reigning champs who defied all the odds being the 6th seed in last year’s playoffs. The Packers reached the Super Bowl winning all games on the road which happened also in 2005 (Steelers).

This playoffs will determine who the real deal are. This is where legends are born. This is when the real games begin. Reaching the Super Bowl can make a team a force in the league but winning it can elevate a team to greater heights.

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