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Jerry Seinfeld
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The Comedy of Jerry Seinfeld

If there is an enduring comedy series in the US, it would be none other than Seinfeld, which ran for almost a decade. Although the said series took a bow last 1998, it has kept its presence via syndications. Not only that, it took a bow at the height of its popularity making it one of the most successful comedy series the TV world has ever had not just in the US but in almost all parts of the globe. Of course, when one talks about Seinfeld the series, one immediately thinks about Jerry Seinfeld.
Born Jerome Allen Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld is a skilled comedian. He Aside from being a comedian, he is also a writer as well as the producer of his own TV series, Seinfeld, which featured his comic abilities. The said series was actually a collaboration between him and Larry David. The two of them are credited as co-executive producers by the time the series hit its last two seasons.

Who Is Jerry Seinfeld?

Jerry Seinfeld is from Brooklyn, New York. The son of a sign maker and a housewife, Seinfeld is actually of Hungarian and Syrian Jewish descent. Although he enrolled for a degree in communications and theater, it was only after a stint in college productions did he started to become interested in stand-up comedy. Three years after he had graduated he was already able to secure small roles in a number of sitcoms including Benson. Unfortunately, his comedic ingenuity was not something that was in tune with the rest of the management team. With time on his hands, he was able to appear on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson where the young Seinfeld was able to impeccable host. This has led to a number of appearances in the said show as well as an appearance at the Late Night with David Letterman.

It was in 1988 that Jerry Seinfeld began working with Larry David on The Seinfeld Chronicles. This formed the foundation for what was to become the most formidable and one of the longest running sitcom in TV history. It was renamed as Seinfeld in order to prevent confusion with The Marshall Chronicles and first aired at NBC. According to Seinfeld, the show was, in part, influenced by the sitcom The Abbott and Costello Show as well as by Jean Shepherd. Although Seinfeld made use of his name for the show, it was only partly based on him.

Today, Seinfeld has made himself more visible in the comedy circuit rather than continuing his career as an actor. He had done a number of stand-up sketches as well as documentaries that showcased his comedic abilities. He has also dabbled in a number of hosting jobs while showcasing his ingenuity. Aside from this, Seinfeld has also authored a book titled, “Seinlanguage” which he was able to release by 1993. This was the same time when his TV show was slowly making its way to the top of TV hits.

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