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The Effects of the NHL Lockout

For the fourth time in 20 years, the National Hockey League, more commonly known as the NHL and which was organized in November 1917, has declared a lockout. The said lockout began last September 2012 when the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement expired. Other noteworthy lockouts are those that took place in 1994 and in 2002. With less than a month before the start of the new NHL season, the NHL lockout actually has led to both positive and negative events, foremost of which is the longer period of time for team owners to think thoroughly their line-up. Of course, this would also mean that, instead of the scheduled October 11 starting date, the NHL would have to begin at a later date when the differences have all been settled. One of the teams that seem to be doing quite well despite the lockout is the Boston Bruins.

As the name implies, the Boston Bruins is a Boston, MA-based hockey team considered to be part of the Northeast Division of the Eastern conference of the NHL. Having been in existence since 1924, the team is considered to be the oldest in the US. Along with the Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Montreal Canadiens, the Boston Bruins formed the Original Six franchise. One of the team’s proud achievements would include winning six Stanley championship cups.

Boston BruinsThe Boston Bruins took the lockout as an opportunity to ensure that they would be in tip-top condition when the NHL season begins. By the third week of the lockout, however, they were already shedding their training shoes as they take time to cool down before they participate in the regular season of the AHL (American Hockey League). Some of the team members of Boston Bruins also took the time to sign up with other affiliate games in order to make the most of the lockout. One such player is Tyler Seguin who has recently signed up with Swiss team EHC Biel for the entire duration of the lockout. Seguin is popularly known for delivering more than 60 points for the Bruins as well as 29 goals last season. Before the lockout took place, he was able to sign a six-year extension contract that earned him US$ 34 million. Although it might seem to be the only one raring to be in action, that is not actually the case. There have been other players like him who had, early on, sign up with other teams in order to take advantage of the lockout. Some of these players include Logan Couture, Mark Streit, Joe Thornton, Rick Nash, and Jason Spezza. These guys would be playing for different teams including HC Davos and Bern. There has been a significant influx of NHL players to the ECH that the International Ice Hockey Federation is concerned about the significant problem this could pose should the lockout be resolved in the middle of the season.

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