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The Golden Aspirations of the Nuggets

Now that the NBA regular season is about to draw to a close, the time to crown a champion has yet again dawned upon the basketball world.  There are the usual contenders such as the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. The Oklahoma City Thunder are also staking their claim to the basketball crown, as they look to avenge their heartbreaking loss during last year’s NBA Finals, but even beyond the usual suspects, there are up and coming teams looking to make their mark on the basketball landscape. One such team is based in the mountains of Colorado, and they are looking to shock the basketball world.

Denver NuggetsThe Denver Nuggets were viewed as the young and hungry underdogs of the Western Conference heading into this season. They had a roster that was made up of several talented and highly-skilled players, but the consensus was that they lacked a star that could really enable them to leap the other teams in the conference. Despite their lack of name value, it is still tough to argue that the Nugget players are anything other than terrific basketball players. There is Ty Lawson, the speedy point guard who has taken a step forward with regards to his play this season, and he is now knocking on that door of stardom. The same can also be said for high energy forward Kenneth Faried. The young athlete has made his mark on the league despite being only in his second year. The roster is littered with other young and highly capable players, and they have come together as a unit over the course of the long season. This seemingly mismatched collection of world-class athletes has really meshed very well, and they are now threatening to crash the playoff party with their very own extended run to the title.

Of course, no champion has ever made it to the top without first enduring challenges, and the Nuggets have certainly had their fair share. Heading into the playoffs, they lost their starting small forward to an injury, and he is now out for the remainder of the year. They are also dealing with the countless skeptics that have labeled them as nothing more than entertaining also-rans, a team that is destined to bow to the powers that have reigned in the respective conferences, but the Nuggets have very little intention of just giving up the struggle.

The team has earned the third seed in the Western conference for this year’s playoffs, and they have already started their run with a rousing home victory. What was evident in that game was that the team still has more than its fair share of talented players. The team got contributions from all across their roster, and they used that to win a very tightly-contested game. The same strategy figures to apply for their next game, and for the other ones after that. The Nuggets have a long road to travel if they want to raise the hardware in June, but there is no one in that locker room or in that city that doubts the abilities of this high-octane team.

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