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The New York Knicks Resume their Quest for a Title

The 2012-2013 NBA regular season has been compelling for a number of reasons, not the least of which has been the emergence of the New York Knicks. The team has been undergoing a steady stretch of improvement dating back to 2010, but their improvements have been decidedly insignificant to the big picture. The team may have emerged from the cellar, but they were still mired in the NBA’s middle class territory. The Knicks needed to become something more, and for the first time in over a decade, the team is now reestablishing itself among the league’s elite.

The success of the team so far can be traced back to the moves they made in the offseason. One look at the roster will reveal a number of new names that are contributing to the team in a number of different ways. Veteran guard Jason Kidd, a potential Hall of Famer, has become a steadying presence for the team. His outside shot and reliable passing have helped the Knicks out on the perimeter. Kidd has been paired up with Raymond Felton to make up the Knicks’ starting backcourt for most of the season. Felton was with the team back in 2010 but was dealt by the team at that year’s deadline. His return has proven to be very successful so far, as he has led the team expertly with his deft passing and timely shooting.

New York KnicksCoaching was also a major issue for the New York franchise, and they went through a number of them before finally settling on current coach Mike Woodson. Coach Woodson was thought to be nothing more than a temporary replacement when he took over for Mike D’Antoni late last season, but his body of work necessitated a better look from the Knick brain trust. The Knicks played very well under Woodson down the stretch of last season. The team played with more intensity on the defensive end and they even began executing better on offense. These developments led the Knicks to eventually name Woodson as the permanent head coach, and so far the decision has proven to be a very successful one for New York.

Basketball is the very embodiment of a team sport. No team can succeed without their players cooperating, and for the first time in years the members of the Knicks roster are finally playing as a team. The team got off to a great start this season, even managing to top the standings near the start of the year. The team has regressed to a degree since then, but they are still continuing to hold strong as one of the Eastern Conference’s elite teams. New York currently stands as the best possible challenge to the defending champs out East, and they may very well exceed expectations come spring. If nothing else, the team has shown that it now belongs on the shortlist of teams with a legitimate shot of winning an NBA title.  Whether or not the team accomplishes that goal, hinges on how well they will play as a team for the remainder of this season.

The New York Knicks would be playing against the Philadelphia 76ers this coming Sunday at the Madison Square Garden. You can catch the Knicks in action when you get your New York Knicks tickets from Ticket Broker.

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