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The Rise of Capital Cities

In today’s world, rock, pop, as well as indie bands come and go with some not making much of a dent in the music scene. That being the case, it can be quite amazing to hear of bands that have started from scratch suddenly find themselves thrust in the limelight. One of these bands is the Capital Cities.
Capital Cities is primarily known as an American Indie pop group. Although the group was formed just last 2011, they were able to quickly rise to stardom. The secret? Luck plus jingle writing.
When Capital Cities first came to the music scene, they were primarily known as Jingle Writers. This after their song, “Safe and Sound” made it as the track for a Mazda ad. Apart form this, however, the group had also written and performed jingles for such companies as Home Depot, Nike, and Coca-Cola. With their experience as jingle writers, the duo that made up Capital Cities – Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian, were able to become better songwriters with their tracks becoming catchier.
To date, Capital Cities is definitely making a mark in mainstream music especially now that they have been opening for such names as Katy Perry. Their single, "Safe and Sound” has also become quite popular among listeners in Germany as well as in South America, so much so that it became the carrier single of their first album under the partnership of Lazy Hooks and Capitol Records. The said album carried the title, “In A Tidal Wave of Mystery” and was released during the middle part of 2013. It featured such tracks as “Kangaroo Court”, “I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo”, and “Farrah Fawcett Hair”. The last one was in collaboration with Andre 3000 of the Outkasts. Among the tracks in the said album, it was “Safe and Sound” which was able to the number 1 spot in US Alternative as well as in the German Music Charts. It also was able to land the second spot in the US Rock as well as in the Top Austria Top 40. As proof of its commercial success in the European region, “Safe and Sound” was able to receive Platinum Certification from ARIA, BVMI, and FIMI. It was also a gold certified record under the International Federation of Phonographic Industry.
Now, while the commercial response was glowing, the same cannot be said for the reaction of music critics. While some feel that the album is ready for commercial acceptance, there are those who feel that the tracks are mundane and can be quite boring.
“In A Tidal Wave of Mystery” is rumored to have a follow-up by 2015 although there is very little of the song writing going on right now. As of now, Capital Cities are booked with various appearances, including as the support act for Katy Perry on her Prismatic World Tour.
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