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Katy Perry
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The Talented Katy Perry

As loud as she might appear to be, Katy Perry actually had humble beginnings; far from the fame and popularity she is enjoying right now.

katy PerryWhen Katy Hudson Perry was a young child, her parents did not have an inkling of the kind of life she would be facing in the future. After all, they have to make ends meet and they did not have the right connections for Katy Perry to easily make it Hollywood. However, young as she was, Katy already showed talent in singing and could already command attention from a group of people.

As a child, Katy Perry started honing her musical prowess when she became part of her parent’s ministry and became a church choir member. Prior to this, however, she already had started playing the guitar and was already writing her own songs. It was also during this time that she learned how to dance. Being a member of a strict Christian family, Perry grew up listening to a very limited type of music genre. Her parents only allowed songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Edith Piaf.

By the time that she was 17 years old, Perry had already left her hometown and had gone to Los Angeles in order to pursue her music career. Although, technically, her first recording contract was with Red Hill records, her career with the said company was uneventful with the latter closing down on December 2001. Time after time, Katy found herself being signed on by a recording company only to be dropped at the last minute.

It was when she was signed up by the newly formed Capital Music Records that Katy Perry was able to find the niche she had long been looking for. It was under the said record label that her hits such as “Hot N Cold” and “I Kissed A Girl” was released securing her name in the music industry. Her success was followed by the release of the equally successful “Teenage Dream”. The said album featured such tracks as “Teenage Dream”, “Last Friday Night”, and “The One That Got Away”.

Her recently released album, “Prism” had started to take the world by storm. Some of the tracks included in the said album are, “Roar”, “dark Horse”, and “Unconditionally”. Roar served as the album’s first single and had gained worldwide acceptance due to its catchy beat and inspiring lyrics. It peaked in a number of music charts in Australia, Canada, Scotland, New Zealand, and United Kingdom. Due to its commercial success, it was considered as one of the best-selling singles worldwide.

Katy Perry did not stop and rest on her laurels. In fact, she not only dabbled in the music industry, she also tried her hand on setting up a business with the release of her own life of perfume named, “Purr”, “Meow”, and “Killer Queen”. She had also tried her hands on the movie industry by playing the voice of the Smurfette in the recently released Smurfs movie.

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