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The Walking Wounded of Madison Square Garden

Early on in the 2012-2013 season, the New York Knicks were looking like the ones who were at least going to give the Miami Heat a good battle once the playoffs began. It was an assumption that was with merit, as the Knicks back then were playing basketball just as well as any other team in the league. Buoyed by their offseason acquisitions and the exquisite play of franchise star Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks looked like a team that really could make a run at the title. This was just a few months ago, but since then the Knicks have encountered some challenges to say the least.

New York KnicksIt began with a rash of injuries that slowly depleted the New York roster. Off-season acquisition Rasheed Wallace was proving to be a very valuable member of the team. His post defense and long-range shooting really gave the team a type of player that it did not have in recent years. His injury has served as a very significant blow to the team, and he has yet to see action since he went down initially with his injury. Adding to the list of wounded warriors is Amar’e Stoudemire. The All-star forward was supposed to be a key component of the team. He would have been the first man on the bench, and he would have served as an offensive spark that few teams in the league could match. He was actually able to thrive in that role during his brief cameo with the team, but his injury woes continue to rob him of playing time. Another notable injured player for the Knicks is defensive anchor Tyson Chandler. The defensive stalwart serves as the team’s last line of defense whenever he is on the floor, but he too has been slowed down and even forced off the court by his injury issued. Perhaps the biggest name that has been placed on the Knicks’ list of injured players is none other than Carmelo Anthony himself. Earlier on in the year, Anthony was looking like a dark horse contender to become league MVP, but all those discussions have been put to rest by his declining level of play that is being caused in part by his nagging injuries.

As of now, the New York Knicks are still in position to secure a home court advantage for the first round of the NBA playoffs. Given that they have spent the last few years in the lower half of the playoff rankings, a higher seed may just be the thing that finally allows them to break on through to the second round. Making it to the second round however, is not the ultimate goal for this team. They want to be nothing less than NBA Champions by season’s end, but as of now, those hopes seem to be growing fainter and fainter. The New York Knicks feature a list of injured players that can pass to be a quality lineup all its own, and if they really want to make an impact on this year’s title picture, then those players need to get back on the court.

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