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What Christmas Is for the Boston Celtics

It might be Christmas Day but that does not mean that the NBA world would stop. In fact, for most NBA fanatics, Christmas is one good reason to watch NBA games, and for good reasons. It is on Christmas Day that the Boston Celtics would be going against Brooklyn Nets.

So what makes this game special?

For some time now, the Boston Celtics have been having a hard time going against the Nets resulting in 2 losses and no wins over the said team. Although the Nets current record does give the said team little hope for a Division title, a win against the Celtics might just bolster their confidence. On the other hand, with Celtics seeing the Nets as a team that is as green as they are, they might just have that confidence that would finally allow them to win the game.

But is any of these teams the team to beat for this season?

Boston CelticsWell, the jury is still out on whether either team would be able to make it to the end. It can be quite bleaker still for the Nets if one would base it on their current records. On the other hand, even the Celtics are not our of the woods yet. With a 13-13 record, the game could go both ways for the embattled team. But that’s not all. Although they had planned to reserve Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for the playoffs, the two seems to be getting more play time than originally planned, so much so that Pierce has actually played an average of 37.7 compared to the  34 minutes per game average that he had last season. To make things worst, Darko Milicic, one of the recent team acquisition, has just left the team. Milicic together with draft pick Fab Melo and Chris Wilcox were supposed to bring the team to the top. Unfortunately, Milicic is out and Wilcox would not be able to play for a month due to a thumb injury.

Not looking bright and dandy for the Celtics, right? Think again! With Rondo playing better than ever before, Celtics just might have a shot at the finals. Rondo recently increased his point shot from the floor to 51.2% and was able to do 46 out of 87 mid-range jump shots.

And let’s not forget Pierce! If you would carefully analyze how he’s been playing these past few games, you would notice that he is really getting his groove on. of late, he had been averaging 37.5 points plus 10 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game. He is currently on a 39.1% when it comes to shooting from the three-point range with a chance of attaining 50% during clutch. And that’s 8 out of 16 shooting!

Of course, Garnett’s presence on the court also has a dramatic impact on just how strong the Celtics are. He might have modest numbers when it comes to offensive play but he sure packs a lot when it comes to defensive play.

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