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The Sleeping Beauty
The Sleeping Beauty News

Whatever Happened to Sleeping Beauty’s Ever After?

Ever since we were young, girls have dreamed of growing up and meeting our Prince Charming, that one guy who would literally sweep us off our feet and take us where no one can hurt us. At one point, we have fancied ourselves to be princesses waiting for that prince. All of these childhood fantasies were inspired by one of the most enduring romantic stories in the world – Sleeping Beauty.

While most people relate Sleeping Beauty with Disney, this enduring tale of love was actually penned by Charles Perrault. Although, according to most accounts, the original story had a grisly plot, the one presented by Disney, obviously sanitized for young viewers, has inspired a number of movies; and, now, a stage play. The grimmer version, the one that goes with the title, “Little Briar Rose”, was actually written by the Grimm Brothers. Another grisly version even continues as far as the birth of the twin children of Sleeping Beauty. The twins, whom the Prince’s mother did not like, was supposed to be killed and served  but the cook took pity and served instead a lamb and a goat.

What the Story Is About

The story of sleeping beauty starts when the little princess was born. As was customary at that time, when a princess is born, all fairies are invited to the castle – that is, all except Maleficent, the black witch. Feeling slighted, the black witch gate crashes the party. At that time, all the other fairies have finished bestowing all of their gifts of virtues except for one. When Maleficent showed herself, instead of bestowing a gift, she placed a curse on the little princess, claiming that she shall die when she reaches the age of eighteen when her finger gets pricked by a spindle. With that, Maleficent left the banquet hall.  Now, since the last fairy has not given her gift yet, she used this chance to at least lessen the impact of Maleficent’s curse by saying that the princess, when she pricks her finger, would only fall asleep instead of die until she is awakened by a true love’s kiss.

All of this came to pass and when the princess pricked her finger, she fell into a deep sleep that lasted a century. Along with her, the entire castle also fell into a century-long slumber. When her Prince Charming came up the castle and gave her a kiss, she and the entire castle awakened, and they lived happily ever after, just like those other princess in Disney stories.

What the Play Has

Now, basically, the play centers on the same theme. However, one of the differences include the name of the main character. Depending on which theme was used as the basis for the play, there are some that make use of the name, “Briar Rose”, while other use “Aurora” instead, the name that was also used in the Disney cartoon version. In most cases, some of the songs featured in the play include, “Once Upon A Dream”, “I Wonder”, and “”Find the Girl”.

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