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Where Has Lady Gaga Gone?

When it comes to the music industry, going the tried and tested way can lead to higher chances of success than, say, being as different as David Bowie. While a number of artists have stood out by way of their performance or how they dress, very few were able to smoothly pull it off. One of the few artists who have proven that being on the wild and unpredictable side can be an advantage is none other than the artist born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, or, as we more commonly know her, Lady Gaga.

 When Lady Gaga was young, nobody would have predicted how her music career would have been. After all, her formative years were spent in a Catholic school. However, everybody was already keenly aware of the talent that she has. This is because at age 4, she had already began playing the piano. At age thirteen when every girl is more concerned about their love life, she was already writing her first piano ballad. This was followed by open mic performances by the time she was 14.
Fast forward to today and you have the Lady Gaga that everyone has known to love. She has made a number of albums, all of which are not only commercial successes but were critically acclaimed, which featured such popular tracks as “Poker Face”, “Born This Way”, “Edge of Glory”, “Judas”, and “Marry the Night”. She has also made a name for herself not only being a bit eccentric as far as how she dresses but also for being outspoken about her support for the LGBT community. With all that’s going on for her, one would think that everything is fine and dandy.

Well, it’s not.

While Lady Gaga had been under the management of Troy Carter for quite some time, the two had some problems and eventually decided to end their professional relationship. With the falling out, Lady Gaga came under the management of Live Nation. Although this might be a breath of fresh air for Lady Gaga, a number of fans see this as the reason why her ArtPop album sales were lower than her previous one.

Lady Gaga has also come under fire with PETA for dressing up her pet dog in heavy jewelry. This came about after she posted pictures of her beloved pet over the Internet wearing heavy jewelry. This is not the first time that she had a problem with the said organization after she had worn a dress made of decomposing flesh as well as a fox head scarf during another event.

Another issue that had come up concerning Lady Gaga is his latest MTV with R. Kelly for “Do What U Want”. For most people, the video had underlying tones of rape. It does not help that R. Kelly has been known to have had problems concerning sexual assault. To add to this, Lady Gaga’s latest tour was deemed as something that is not up to her usual standards.

Now, we come to the question, is Lady Gaga losing her touch or is this just one of her many ways of reinventing herself?

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