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Monster Jam Trucks
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Witness Monster Jam Trucks Live in Action!

It’s a dream-come-true for many big boys to finally be able to actually ride in a real monster truck and race against other gigantic vehicles or do a lot of daredevil stunts with them. For others, it’s already a jackpot prize to get the chance to witness these little boys’ dreams live in a real monster truck competition. If you are one of these avid fans of monster trucks, then you’ve got to take the opportunity to see the live action in one of the Monster Jam events.

What makes every Monster Jam event amazing is that each fan is actually given access to the monster trucks of their choice as well as to their favorite monster truck riders. They can even get an autograph of the Monster Jam stars. For the live event, the monster trucks face off in two types of competition – the Freestyle and the Racing. The Freestyle competition involves an open floor where the riders are given 90 seconds and a 30-second bonus period to perform their exhibition stunts and tricks as they drive over cars. Meanwhile, the side-by-side Racing competition is simply a customary heads-up tournament racing. Each race is meant to be exciting for the fans and challenging for the drivers as these are designed with a complex of obstacles.

monster jamThere are also smaller shows where the trucks compete in a Wheelie contest or Donut contest. In the Wheelie competition, each truck should be able to hit a hump and take a lot of air as it positions perpendicularly to the ground. Performances are then rated by the assigned judges. Contestants in the Donut competition, on the other hand, should simply spin their own monster trucks as many times as they can or their truck can. Basically, the monster truck with the most number of spins is declared winner by the judges. There are also times that a single show holds both Wheelie and Donut competitions.

Monster Jam live events and shows were used to be aired on SPEED and TNN. It was only recently this year that Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 took the rights to air Monster Jam. The entire program remains to be operated by Feld Entertainment and its series is authorized under the USHRA’s umbrella. To date, the live competitions and events of Monster Jam take place in different parts of the US and the live coverage are simultaneously aired in the said TV stations that could be seen in the entire country. When it comes to the online realm, avid fans could get to see the clips from Monster Jam live events on the program’s official Facebook and YouTube pages.

If you want to witness live action of Monster Jam’s monster trucks and have a meet-and-greet session with the stars, you better buy Monster Jam tickets right now! Just take a tour at to see the list of live competition and show schedules of Monster Jam as well as on the details on how to purchase Monster Jam tickets hassle-free and in no time.

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